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Struggling During Transitions Like Back to School?

Whether you are an educator, caregiver, or homeschool educator, major transitions like Back to School can be a struggle. Kids need to get used to a new routine, that is mentally and physically exhausting. 
This kit includes hands-on resources both educators and caregivers can use to help kids feel empowered and ready to tackle back-to-school changes!

Who is this Back to School Kit for?

Directors/Principals: Feel free to distribute this to your teachers, to ensure everyone has a plan!

Teachers: There are resources here to use with your students, and to send home to ensure there are good practices at home! Start the school year right, by showing parents you are on their side, and ready to provide them resources to help them with any struggles they may be having. This kit is great for daycare, preschool, TK, kinder, early elementary, and special education use.

Caregivers: Moms, Dads, Grandparents, babysitters, nannies, au pairs, help your kids feel empowered and ready for the school year with hands-on ways for them to express, reflect, forecast, and plan! 

What is Included?

  • All About Me Worksheet and exemplar
  • Name Tracing Practice WS for use at home and at school
  • My Morning Routine Cut-out to practice those fine motor skills, while feeling empowered to create your own morning routine!
  • My Night Routine Cut-out
  • Our Schedule with blank clocks, so you can fill in the times yourself! Feel free to cut these out and rearrange them to match your schedule
  • Looking forward to worksheet and exemplar to give kids something tangible to look forward to when they are struggling to get through the day.
  • Note Home and exemplar to ensure there is communication between school and home. 


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