Top 6 Must-Haves to Include in Your CalmDown Corner PDF

Create a cozy, safe environment

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs tells us kids can't learn if their basic needs aren't met-- do they feel safe?

Empower children to feel in charge of their own self-regulation when they feel their emotions are overwhelming them, but having a safe space in the classroom kids can go to whenever they feel they need it, and stock it with a lot of choices to help them learn to calm down independently.

This printable pdf includes

  • 6 tool categories you should have in your CalmDown Corner
  • A list of specifics to get you started

Choose the items that are best for your class

There are so many choices! Feel free to rotate the items so that the kids don't get overwhelmed with choices, or stock what you can.


Model and guide students in using each item

Self-regulation is hard, especially when you are in a heated moment. By practicing each tool, how to use them, and using them with a trusted adult during prickly moments, kids can learn to self-regulate through co-regulation. 

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Top 6 Tools to Include In Your Calming Corner

Calming items to include in your calm down corner cushions, blankets, mirrors, sound machine, speakers



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