Franklin is playing with her parents and sister Zoe.

New Book Helps Children Navigate changes - Franklin's World Takes a Turn

Join Franklin as he learns to manage his big feelings of anger, confusion, disappointment, and frustration when his world turns upside down. From recognizing the sadness in letting go of being center stage to experiencing the joys in sharing with others, Franklin realizes that the more there is to love, the more love there is to share.

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A Children's Book About Changes and Transitions

In Franklin’s World Takes a Turn, an ECSELent Adventures story, Franklin is excited to become a big brother. But when little sister Zoe arrives, Franklin discovers that having a new baby sibling changes everything—including his place in the family and how much time Mommy and Daddy have to spend with him. To make matters worse, a new student at school wants to play his games with his friends! Is there enough love and friendship to go around?

Franklin invites children to join him as he begins to understand and manage his emotions while gaining confidence in his ability to adapt to a world of changing circumstances through compromise. Readers will learn and develop alongside Franklin as his feelings of security in his parent’s steadfast love grow bigger and stronger and he discovers how sharing and taking turns can help turn his upside-down world right side up!

Franklin is unhappy about his new baby sister



Franklin - Emotional focus

Emotional Focus

All our books focus on emotions first! Feelings like sadness, anger, and frustration often occur when changes and transitions happen in children's lives. Their feelings should be recognized and discussed! By responding with patience and understanding, you will help your child feel secure in knowing that in making room for a sibling, they are not getting any less love from you. This will help them accept the baby and their important role as big brother or sister.

Franklin - expert curated

Curated by Experts

This pedologically sound book was created by expert early childhood educators, and child psychologist Dr. Donna Housman. Therefore the tips used inside were refined over 35 years to fit the developmental needs of diverse groups of young children. Caregivers and educators alike can see examples of how to use tested techniques and strategies to help develop emotional regulation strategies with young children.

Franklin - relatable scenarios

Relatable Situations

One of the charms of the ECSELent Adventures book series is the relatable situations and characters. The birth of a new sibling is a momentous change that can often evoke feelings of jealousy, confusion, anger,  and disappointment about experiencing disruption of one’s place in the family. Reading relatable scenarios in the book can better resonate with our young readers.


Dr. Donna Housman has spent her professional career in the world of early childhood development and education. Believing that it is far easier to prevent than repair, Dr. Housman founded Housman Institute, along with its lab school and early childhood development center, based on emotional foundations of learning and cognition and informed by research in neuroscience, child development, and early education. Seizing the opportunity to inform the architecture of the brain in the earliest years, her Emotional, Cognitive, and Social Early Learning (ECSEL) approach promotes healthy brain development and a positive sense of self by fostering the building blocks of emotional intelligence starting from birth.

Dr. Housman has trained thousands of early childhood educators, children, and families in her ECSEL approach while being a consistent source of vital counsel and guidance for families and educators on young children’s social and emotional development.

Dr. Donna Housman with Hemmy and Shemmy

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