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Why Does Kindness Matter?

Kindness creates a strong foundation for:

  • Positive relationships,
  • Healthy interactions,
  • Well-being of children
  • Empathy,
  • Respect,
  • Understanding
  • Academic performance
  • Decreased instances of bullying

Why Should I Use This Kit?

Kindness can be taught! Aside from modeling kind behavior, and recognizing when you see it, through intentional teaching, children can see what behaviors, words, and attitudes make their friends, teachers, family, and community feel better, strengthening their relationships.

In fact, acts of kindness have been shown to reduce stress and increase academic performance. Dr. Harding says. “It lowers cortisol and blood pressure, reduces pain, anxiety, and depression, and boosts our immune system.

Combined with resources like the Kindness Kit (now including Spanish translations), you can be sure to raise kinder children.

What is Included?

  • 29 Pages of activity ideas, questions of the day, and book recommendations and interactive links!
  • 5 weeks of planned lesson ideas around themes including kindness, friendship, empathy, inclusion, gratitude, and mindfulness
  • These plans were created by an expert ECE educator and coach who specializes in implementing social and emotional learning in early childhood settings

Download Kindness Calendar PDF

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Kindness Calendar