The Power of Emotional Intelligence from Birth

Why We Start from Birth

We have an unparalleled opportunity to inform and shape the brain's architecture from the start.

Children are born ready to learn, as 90 percent of the brain develops within the first several years of life.

The Four Quadrants of Emotional Intelligence

The Four Quadrants of Emotional Intelligence

Teaching children from the beginning how to experience, express, and deal with their own big feelings and those of others builds the foundation for innate positive responses when those emotions arise. They are then able to constructively express how they feel, successfully self-regulate, and prevent the potential negative effects that can occur when emotions are not handled properly or managed effectively.

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Although children are born with feelings and ready to learn, the skills for controlling impulses and maintaining focus are not innate. When children are better able to manage intense emotions including stress and anxiety, their brain’s resources are better able to perform the critical thinking tasks of listening, concentrating, and problem solving — essential skills for learning.

Our evidence-based emotional, cognitive, and social early learning program, begin to ECSEL®, promotes critical emotional competencies for self-awareness, emotional understanding and regulation, empathy, compassion, and critical thinking in all children from birth and for the adults who care for them.

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The idea of having emotional intelligence before cognitive intelligence, the EQ before IQ, really made sense to me because it’s about understanding and having a name for these feelings and emotions that you have.”

        ~ begin to ECSEL Parent