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Unlocking the Emotional, Cognitive and Social Potential in Every Child


beginning from birth with ECSEL

Training programs, professional development, curriculum and tools for educators, children, and institutions to establish the building blocks of emotional intelligence, laying the foundation for enhanced well-being, academic excellence, mental health and success for life.

Discover Our Evidence-Based begin to ECSEL Training Program

ECSEL: Emotional, Cognitive, and Social Early Learning Solutions

ECSEL tools and solutions that go beyond SEL:

  • Starting from birth
  • Educates child and caregiver to understand and manage emotions
  • Incorporates ECSEL seamlessly into all classroom contexts and interactions
  • Use heat-of-the-moment strategies and age-appropriate tools to promote emotional intelligence
The ECSEL Difference

Discover Our Flagship Evidence-Based Training Program for Schools

Introducing the comprehensive begin to ECSEL training program. In partnering with Housman Institute, you will be supported by our team of experts and everything you need to bring the ECSEL learning approach into your everyday classroom.

New! Read our new research paper showing that children enrolled in the begin to ECSEL program outperformed others in areas including impulse control, executive functioning skills, and more as a result of the ECSEL program itself.

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SEL Solutions

Professional Development, Curricula, and Tools for Children, Schools, and Institutions

SEL Curriculum: ECSELent Adventures

SEL Curriculum: ECSELent Adventures

Supplemental Curriculum and Classroom Toolkit for Teachers

Integrate and normalize discussing emotions between one and another into your everyday classroom experience using this supplemental curriculum for children as young as 2.5 to 2nd Grade. 

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ECSEL Curriculum Library

ECSEL Curriculum Library

Digital Curriculum and Activity Library

A growing online collection of hundreds of ready-made lessons and activities for you to use in your classroom at a moment's notice for infants through kindergarten incorporating ECSEL into all subject matters.  

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Housman Institute tools and books

ECSEL Tools and Books

Social-Emotional Learning Tools and Books for Classroom and Beyond

Our uniquely designed, age-appropriate, and child-friendly tools and storybook series written by Dr. Donna Housman support young children's emotional intelligence and mental health from age 0 to 8.

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Begin to ECSEL SEL Training

SEL Training Program

Comprehensive Training and Mentorship Program for Institutions & Schools

Our flagship teacher training program provides professional development courses with ongoing live support, mentoring, feedback, and tools to integrate ECSEL learning practices into your school.

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Educators' Emotional Well-Being

Educator Well-Being Course

Online Professional Development Course for Educators & Caregivers

Educators today are facing unparalleled stress and anxiety. We support them in expanding their emotional toolbox with our online course addressing teachers' mental health.
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School Leaders in a collaborative meeting

Leadership Course

Online Professional Development Course for Leaders

School leadership is encountering increasing pressure to support educator and parent communities. We help by teaching emotionally-aware reflective practice and coaching techniques.

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For an ECSELent tomorrow, let's begin to ECSEL today!

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We are raising the next generation at a time of extraordinary stress, anxiety, bullying, intolerance, and lack of empathy. Teachers and parents alike are struggling every day not only with the behavior, emotions, stress, dysregulation, and worries of the children they care for but also their own."

      ~ Dr. Donna Housman, Founder and CEO

SEL Blogs

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Our vision is to have a world where we can empower our next generation with the building blocks of emotional intelligence for lifelong learning, mental health, well-being and success."

      ~ Dr. Donna Housman, Founder and CEO