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Early Childhood Training, Curriculum, & Tools

Founded by Dr. Donna Housman, Housman Institute is an early childhood organization that seeks to provide research-based, high-quality, preventive training, curriculum, and tools to set up our youngest learners with the building blocks of emotional intelligence for lifelong learning and success.

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Our training, curriculum, and tools are based on the begin to ECSEL® approach. For 35 years, begin to ECSEL has impacted thousands of young children and hundreds of teachers in the Emotional, Cognitive, and Social Early Learning (ECSEL) approach.

Our evidence-based program is informed by the following:

  • A large body of research in neuroscience and early childhood development
  • Research showing that children who participate in our program outperform national cohorts in critical foundational skills of emotional competence, self-regulation, empathy, and others
  • History of practical experience in the field of early childhood development and education

What Makes Us Different?

It can be overwhelming to compare the various teacher training, curriculum, and tools available on the market, but here are a few ways in which Housman Institute stands out above the rest:

A Focus on Prevention

👶 Starting with infants, our training, curriculum, and tools focus on preventing emotional damage and behavioral issues, rather than just repairing damage after it is done.

➕ In addition to Causal Talk in the Emotional Experience, we focus on Causal Talk, where children can learn about emotions out of a heated moment, for a positive experience.

👨 Rather than just addressing the symptoms, we take a holistic approach, providing emotional training for adults such as educators, and caregivers in addition to children.

Not Only Social and Emotional But Cognitive

Cognition which is our ability to problem-solve, think, and focus is one of the most important factors in learning. Children cannot learn if they are overwhelmed by emotions. Children who participated in the begin to ECSEL approach showed significant ability to outperform their peers in their cognitive ability, and thus their ability to succeed in school.

Standards Aligned, Nationally Recognized, and Accredited Solutions

✅ Our products are aligned with CASEL's core competencies, ECSEL standards, and many State Standards.

✅ Educators can receive IACET CEUs by taking our courses. Find out more

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