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Educator Emotional Well-Being Training

Professional development short course equipping educators to manage stress and anxiety



Social & Emotional Learning for Adults

The Educators’ Emotional Well-Being is an online professional development training for individual educators which will help you conquer your personal stress and improve overall mental health.

Educators have one of the most rewarding yet stressful careers. From lesson planning, chaotic classrooms, parent and co-worker communication, and a personal life, your days can be filled with stress, anxiety, and heightened emotions. Children develop in the context of relationships with key adults. As key socializers and role models, you must understand and have the tools to manage your own emotions to best model and foster children's emotional, cognitive, and social early learning development. When educators, like you, are able to regulate their emotions while remaining calm and focused, they are more effective in their role to successfully guide and facilitate learning for children.

Why do educators need emotional well-being support?

What's Included

Helping children manage their emotions starts with understanding ourselves, which is the foundation of healthy relationships and interactions with children. With this in mind, we have created our Educators’ Emotional Well-Being online training, which is easily accessible and available online via our Housman Learning platform. Our effective 5-course program allows learners to complete each course on their own time and also provides the learner with a small glimpse of our larger training program, begin to ECSEL. By completing our program, educators will better understand:

  • Their emotional intelligence 
  • The foundation of healthy relationships and interactions with children
  • Stress's impact on mental and physical health 
  • Self-regulation and mindfulness techniques 
  • Reflection-based strategies

IACET CEU is available for an additional fee for this training.

Course 1: Building Blocks of Emotional Intelligence
Course 2: Emotional Awareness
Course 3: Understanding the Impact of Stress
Course 4: Stress Management & Self-Care Techniques
Course 5: Reflective Practice
Download Syllabus (PDF)

Who Should Take It?

Early childhood educators, elementary teachers, instructional specialists, instructional coaches, instructional aides, administrators, and health professionals including school counselors, early intervention practitioners, intervention specialists, clinicians, family and child therapists, SLP, and mental health practitioners.

What's Included


Instructional Videos

Across the 5-course program, Dr. Donna Housman will introduce you to the core concepts of emotional intelligence with practical tips.


Interactive Activities

Each course features opportunities to dive deeper with engaging and interactive activities and real examples, allowing learners to pause, process, and reflect.

EW-downloadable resources

Downloadable Resources

Each course provides downloadable and printable resources including infographics, reflective journal templates, glossaries, and more!


Hear From Our Customers

“What resonated with me the most were all the handy tips on how to handle stressors not only in the work place but also in real life situations. I benefited from the reflective journaling topic and the mindfulness topic as these are two things I want to begin to implement in my everyday life in order to respond to stressful situations in a calm matter.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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