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ECSELent Adventures

Early Childhood Social Emotional Curriculum

ECSELent Adventures Program

ECSELent Adventures is our social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum and classroom experience. This curriculum program engages young children from preschool through second grade in opportunities to learn how to identify, understand, express, and regulate emotions, and develop empathy, prosocial, and problem-solving skills through scenarios about family, cultural differences, social situations, and so much more.

The ECSELent Adventures program provides educators and families with the tools to foster and improve the social-emotional learning experience for children. Through this program, children are afforded rich social-emotional learning opportunities that are relevant and relatable to their everyday experiences and their emotions.

Hear our founder, Dr. Donna Housman, introduce ECSELent Adventures.

ECSELent Adventures Program Materials

Browse the physical and digital materials in each classroom kit

Social Emotional Learning Cards

Our Emotions Cards

Early Childhood Puppets - Shemmy and Hemmy


Preschool SEL Scenario Cards

Scenario Cards

Social Emotional Online Training

Online Training

Digital SEL Lessons

Digital Lessons

Digital Educator Guide

Digital Guide

Our Emotions Cards

Our durable, expertly crafted Our Emotions Cards are designed to be used anywhere children experience emotions. Our Emotions Cards are perfect for teachers, caregivers, and families as a tool that helps children recognize, identify, understand, and express their emotions. It includes:

  • 15 3x5 durable emotions cards that children frequently experience
  • Portable mirror for children to observe and compare their emotions
  • An Implementation Guide
  • A Free On-Demand Webinar with Tips
  • A downloadable translation sheet with Spanish and Chinese emotions labels

Hemmy & Shemmy Puppets

Hemmy (/hEH-mee/) and Shemmy (/shEH-mee/), our brother and sister otter ambassadors and main characters of ECSELent Adventures, invite young children to join them as they explore, discover, and understand the big world of their own emotions and those of others. The ECSELent Adventures curriculum package will include our otterly adorable Hemmy and Shemmy puppets. Our Hemmy and Shemmy puppets are a useful classroom resource as they help children discuss and connect to their feelings.

ECSELent Adventures Scenario Cards

The ECSELent Adventures Scenario Cards include Hemmy, Shemmy, and all their pals in everyday situations and challenges that children can relate to and understand. Each scenario card (size 12x17) corresponds with an ECSELent Adventures curriculum topic and can be used and reused, even during everyday classroom moments. Each scenario card is double-sided with illustrations on the front and conversation guides and question prompts on the back.

Online Professional Development Training

Training for educators is at the heart of everything we do at Housman Institute, and our ECSELent Adventures Program is no exception. The ECSELent Adventures online training is designed to help educators understand important cornerstones of the ECSEL approach within the context of ECSELent Adventures. This self-paced, 3-hour online training is comprised of interactive activities, scenarios, and ample resources to equip educators with the tools and techniques they need to have an effective and successful implementation of the program. The training is divided into three sequential courses:

  1. Intro to ECSELent Adventures
  2. Implementing ECSELent Adventures 
  3. ECSELent Adventures and Beyond!

ECSELent Adventures Lesson Plans

Our ECSELent Adventures program has 40 weekly lessons that support the implementation of the ECSEL philosophy. These lessons guide teachers on how to implement the 10 Topics the program covers, while providing guidance on how to properly engage students in their big emotions. Each lesson has a full digital version and a lite printable version. 

Topics Included:

  1. Identifying and Recognizing Our Emotions and Feelings
  2. Understanding Our Emotions and Feelings
  3. Communicating and Expressing Our Emotions and Feelings
  4. Regulating Our Emotions and Feelings
  5. Changes and Transitions
  6. Friendship, Empathy, and Prosocial Skills
  7. Community Building
  8. Family
  9. Cultural Awareness
  10. Problem-Solving
Within the digital curriculum, you will also receive the following materials:
  • ECSELent Adventures Curriculum Scope and Sequence and pacing guide
  • ECSELent Adventures Topic Learning Goal Checklists
  • Supplemental Curriculum Materials

ECSELent Adventures Educator Guide

We want to help educators feel informed and prepared to implement this wonderful program to the best of their ability and to be able to teach their students how to successfully identify, understand, express, and manage their emotions each and every day.

The ECSELent Adventures Educator Guide is filled with extensive age-appropriate curriculum implementation tips, in-depth information about the ECSELent Adventures products and curriculum, and resources to support educators in explaining emotions, feelings, and any related vocabulary to their students, and so much more. Educators can use this downloadable digital guide as a reference to answer any questions they may have about the ECSELent Adventures program, curriculum, and tools as they embark on this new adventure with their students.

Ready to Purchase?

The ECSELent Adventures curriculum program is offering 2 age options. Pick the one that works best for your classroom.

Shemmy - Preschool SEL Curriculum
Preschool to Pre-K
Hemmy - K-2 SEL Curriculum
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade


Curriculum scope and sequence example

Take a closer look at ECSELent Adventures Curriculum!

ECSELent Adventures curriculum was designed to complement and seamlessly integrate into any existing curriculum. Our curriculum provides ample extended learning opportunities to support positive learning outcomes for all children and they are aligned with CASEL, Head Start, and SEL standards in each state. Contact us to request a sample lesson plan.

Hear From Our Customers

Shemmy and Hemmy are our emotional helpers in our preschool classrooms... Teachers greeted students with the puppets and implemented emotional discussion during the morning meeting. Social problem-solving skills are discussed throughout the day, especially when social conflicts appear... We have a good experience with this curriculum.

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