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Rooted in Research

Housman Institute's programs (such as begin to ECSEL) and solutions are rooted in extensive research to ensure that they are evidence-based and effective. Read on to learn about the key findings.

Executive Function Skills

💡Executive-Function Skills Are Essential To Learning

Executive-Fuction Skills are our ability to problem-solve, think, and focus, and is one of the most important factors in learning. Children cannot learn if they aren't first about the regulate their emotions. Children who participated in programs using the begin to ECSEL approach outperformed their peers in executive function.

Why Evidence-Based Solutions Matter


Research should be replicable. Housman Institute's training, curriculum, and tools are based on the begin to ECSEL® approach, which has been peer-reviewed and published in academic journals such as:

The begin to ECSEL® approach used in the research backing Housman Institute's training, curriculum, and tools started in 1985. Parents can speak about the efficacy and success of the approach.

Hear what parents have to say about the begin to ECSEL approach used in Housman Institute's solutions



Why Choose a Preventive Intervention Solution?

🍼 SEL Starting with Infants

According to research, social competence in kindergarten is a predictor for adult wellness, such as graduation rate, crime, and drug use. A child's earliest years are a critical period for the development of the building blocks of emotional intelligence such as:

  • emotional competencies,
  • self-regulation, and
  • empathy.

👨 Supporting Adult's Mental Health, First

According to the evidence, children learn through observation. By first supporting the socializer's mental health, and teaching them to actively model emotional competence, they will in turn better support the children around them

💬Techniques Such as Causal Talk Help Model Emotional Competence

Research suggests that Causal Talk and other techniques used in Housman Institute's training, curriculum, and tools can help prepare children before they are in a heated emotional moment.

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