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The ECSEL (Emotional, Cognitive and Social Early Learning) Curriculum Library (ECL) is a curated collection of creative, child-driven, and process based early childhood activities for ages infant through pre-K.

Save hours of
planning curriculum

We know that planning curriculum lessons, entertaining young children with engaging activities, getting children excited about learning, and teaching children key emotional intelligence skills takes a lot of time and effort, which most caregivers don't have. ECL does the work for you, saving hours of planning time for teachers, mental health professionals, social workers, child specialists, and families! 

As teachers and caregivers ourselves, we created each lesson based on the needs of other teachers and caregivers.

Lessons Cover

3 Age Groups icon

3 Age Groups

  • Infant
  • Toddler
  • Preschool/Pre-K
10 Learning Areas icon

10 Learning Areas

  • Art
  • Dramatic Play
  • Literacy
  • Music
  • Movement
25+ Topics & Themes icon

25+ Topics & Themes

  • Color Exploration
  • All About Animals
  • Transportation & Travel
  • Exploring Different Cultures & Traditions
  • And much more!
ECSEL Tools & Books icon

ECSEL Tools & Books

  • Our Emotions Cards
  • ECSELent Adventures Book Series


New lessons and activities are added monthly so there is always great content to reach for and bring emotional, cognitive, and social early learning into your classroom every day!


ECL does the work
for you

Each lesson includes prompts, guided questions, and extended learning opportunities to make leading activities easy and fun, not just for children, but for you. Each activity can be used by teachers in classroom settings, in play groups, at home with parents and children, and beyond. 

The library explores ten comprehensive learning areas, including ECSEL, STEAM, music, movement, dramatic play, and literacy, all with ECSEL at the heart of each lesson. Created with an emergent curriculum mindset, our flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use printable lesson plans are culturally relevant and include topics that children are genuinely interested in, can connect to, and want to participate in.

Emergent-curriculum mindset

Emergent-curriculum mindset

Each lesson is child-driven, process-based, and hands-on for learning
Extended learning opportunities

Extended learning opportunities

In each lesson to meet the individual and group needs of children and promote critical thinking
CASEL aligned

CASEL aligned

And aligned with our own ECSEL Standards
ECSEL at the heart of each lesson

SEL/ECSEL at the heart of each lesson

To connect each and every activity to social-emotional learning in order to promote the skills of EI when children are engaged and regulated
Multi-step process-based projects

Multi-step process-based projects

To further learning and creative thinking
Simplified Curriculum Planning for Teachers

Simplified Curriculum Planning for Teachers

Teachers often struggle with curriculum development and most free resources (and even paid) are one-dimensional - ECL goes above and beyond to make this process easier for teachers and can be easily integrated into any existing curriculum or program
Emily Stone
Emily Stone, Manager of Curriculum and Coaching, Housman Institute
As a former Curriculum Coordinator for Housman Institute, I realized that I wasn't the only teacher who felt ill-equipped to plan, develop, and lead engaging curriculum activities that made children want to learn, all while fostering the critical emotional intelligence skills necessary for learning. In my role at Housman Institute, I played a big part in the creation of the ECSEL Curriculum Library (ECL) with the goal of providing quality curriculum to all teachers, children, and families so that they can experience the same transformational outcomes that I did.