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ECSEL Curriculum Library

Placing Emotional Intelligence at the Heart of the Everyday Early Learning Experience

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The ECL Difference

Unlike any other traditional curriculum library, the ECSEL Curriculum Library is a unique curated collection of engaging, creative, and fun STEAM-based lessons and CASEL aligned activities with the ECSEL (Emotional Cognitive and Social Early Learning) approach and philosophy at the heart of each one. For a monthly subscription, teachers gain access to a growing library of fun lessons for children from infancy through pre-kindergarten that go beyond STEAM to explore ten comprehensive learning areas. 

The first of its kind, the ECSEL Curriculum Library provides unlimited opportunities to infuse emotional, cognitive, and social learning into each and every day’s learning experience. The ECSEL philosophy is designed to be woven seamlessly into any existing curriculum or program. We developed the ECSEL Curriculum Library—to help educators jumpstart this integration, and begin having important conversations with children about emotions during any part of their day.

A Curriculum Library with Emotion at the Center of Every Lesson

The ECSEL Curriculum Library is a digital resource for early childhood educators and families to use with children from infancy through Pre-Kindergarten. Educators and families will enroll in a subscription program that will give them access to an ever-growing collection of activities many of which will utilize Housman Institute’s ECSEL tools. The ECSEL Curriculum Library (ECL) is a destination for teachers and families to find ECSEL-integrated curriculum activities that have been designed with an emergent mindset. Our flexible, easy-to-use lesson plans can serve as just-in-time support for lesson planning or used to build an entire yearly curriculum. Our lessons and activities are designed to meet all children where they are developmentally from infancy through Pre-K, the optimum window for brain development and growth.


Easily Integrate STEAM Learning with Key Social and Emotional Understanding

Each activity incorporates ECSEL language, tools, and/or techniques and includes easy-to-find materials lists, step-by-step instruction, ECSEL prompts to support children in learning about emotions, ways to extend children’s thinking, and desired Social and Emotional learning goals that are all CASEL-aligned and meet our ECSELent industry-unique ECSEL Standards.  With a focus on STEAM-oriented activities, all of our lesson plans are centered on fostering the building blocks of  Emotional Intelligence, Empathy and Self-Regulation.

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Engaging Content

The ECSEL Curriculum Library includes a large variety of topics and learning areas and opens endless opportunities to infuse and integrate key Social and Emotional skills into the everyday experience.  All of our ECSELent lessons, have been created for early childhood teachers, by early childhood teachers. These lessons feature step-by-step instructions to ensure learning happens regardless of a teacher's comfort level with the topic.

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Extend Student's Learning

To engage or challenge students during a particular lesson, embedded supports can be found in every ECSELent lesson. In addition, teacher support and questioning prompts are also included to ensure teachers can fully engage students in follow-up learning.

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The ECSEL Curriculum Library Allows You to Weave Key Lessons of Social Emotional Learning into Your Everyday Classroom Experience


How It Works

flexible subscriptions

Flexible Subscription

Sign Up for Free today and begin browsing our ECSELent Curriculum Library with access to Free resources and add lessons to your own Wishlist. A low monthly fee gives you full use of the library.  For schools and Districts, we also offer site licenses.

Build your library

Build Your Library

Purchase credit packs and Build Your Library to suit your classroom and curriculum needs - each activity can be woven seamlessly into your existing curriculum or used to build a full curriculum using our ECSELent library resources designed to help you place Emotions at the core of everyday learning.

New lessons added monthly

New Lessons Added Monthly

New Activities are Added Monthly so there is always great content to reach for and bring emotional, cognitive, and social early learning into your classroom every day.

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