What We Do

Professional Social Emotional Learning Education & Training

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We work with schools, administrators, educators, mental health professionals, parents, and caregivers in the effective implementation of our evidence-based, prevention, and intervention programs with the goal of developing children’s emotional intelligence.

Our internationally recognized evidence-based begin to ECSEL promotes the development of emotional competence on the path toward self-regulation, which research shows is critical to lifelong learning, mental health well-being, and success in learning and in life. Our work is research-informed and evidence-based and our begin to ECSEL program has been quantifiably proven to improve the core competencies of self-regulation, empathy, and other critical early learning skills.

Housman Institute's comprehensive synchronous and a-synchronous educator and caregiver training, along with our proprietary classroom experiences and tools have been scientifically shown to promote the building blocks of emotional intelligence starting from birth.