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Communication Through Emotion

December 15, 2017

Children communicate through expressions of emotion, which is our first language universally. Knowing one’s own and others’ emotions, as well as regulating them, is what is known as emotional competence or, in common parlance, emotional intelligence. Caregivers and early childhood educators are crucial in promoting the growth of these skills.

Dr. Donna Housman, founder and CEO of the Housman Institute, begins her latest blog post with the aforementioned paragraph on the SpringerOpen blog. This site highlights the best research and practices with open access.

In the piece, Dr. Housman remarks on the need to provide quality early childhood intervention and prevention programs that specifically promote the development of emotional competence on the path from co-regulation toward self-regulation for children’s long-term success, mental health and well-being. 

As Dr. Housman points out, the opportunity for effective evidence-based early childhood education has never been more pronounced. As educators, policy makers, and other influential adults, this imperative need is one we must address.

Read more of her piece on SpringerOpen blog

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