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Educator Well-Being
begin to ECSEL

begin to ECSEL

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How well a child is able to regulate emotions, focus, and think is influenced by the quality of children’s early environment and the availability of appropriate experiences at the right stage of development. These early childhood experiences impact, influence, and shape the brain’s architecture for life.

The emotional, cognitive, and social early learning program, begin to ECSEL, is designed to maximize this formative time in a child’s life by training educators, parents, and caregivers with the techniques and tools scientifically proven to promote and strengthen young children’s core emotional, cognitive and social competencies for their lifelong learning, mental health, well-being, and success.

Recognizing the importance of mental health not only in children but also in adults, our program addresses the often overlooked but critical impact of teacher’s own emotional well-being. Through the incorporation of practices that integrate self-reflection, guidance, understanding, and the ability to read emotional and behavioral cues, we strengthen teachers’ essential ability to effectively and successfully regulate and deal with their own emotions and those of others.

Our begin to ECSEL program offers a 3-tier hybrid model of in-person and online training, complete with live workshops, online learning modules, and webinars, as well as scientifically developed tools to support and enhance the begin to ECSEL experience. Training is provided directly to educators, parents, and caregivers to support the promotion of critical competencies both in young children and the adults who care for them.

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