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Child Care Rockstar Radio | New Practices for Emotional Intelligence in ECE with Dr. Donna Housman

September 7, 2023

Join Kris Murray, the President and Founder of The Child Care Success Company, in an enlightening conversation this week with Dr. Donna Housman, a prominent figure in child emotional development.

Dr. Donna discusses the vital role of emotional regulation for both children and educators in bolstering mental health and effective learning. Dr. Donna talks about her work in aiding emotionally challenged youth to integrate neuroscience into the innovative Housman Institute lab school. She talks about her intention behind getting the children’s books aligned with the curriculum and expert tips for emotional regulation, such as deep breathing. Kris and Donna address the current mental health landscape and the need for all of us to learn to identify and accept our big emotions, at any age. See the original post here

Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

[2:20] Dr. Donna talks about starting as a psychologist working with children and adolescents struggling with issues around depression, anxiety, and trauma. She talks about the common threads she saw between them in managing and dealing with big emotions.

[3:10] Dr. Donna started her child development center in the ’80s, with emotional development at the core of the entire center.

[3:56] The importance of understanding that the educator is essential and foundational in helping children develop as they continue to grow and develop is critical.

[5:15] Developing the Housman Institute lab school, and tying in research in neuroscience, while addressing the needs of the children, families, and training needs of the educator.

[7:30] Why is it important for children to be exposed to emotional regulation skills and competencies?

[10:38] Dr. Donna talks about discerning between emotions and connecting our behavior to emotions.

[12:44] The four quadrants of our emotional regulations that help us identify, understand, express, and manage these big emotions.

[16:12] What are some of the resources that the Housman Institute provides for both children and educators?

[18:42] Dr. Donna talks about the children’s books they have created to align with their curriculum.

[23:02] Dr. Donna provides some great tips for emotional regulation including deep breathing to calm the nerves and accepting all your feelings and emotions, knowing that you don’t have to act on them.

[27:12] The training programs for both leaders and children.

[28:14] We are in a mental health pandemic and need to focus on helping each other and future generations.

[30:39] The “MakePeace Table” is a way to unite emotion and cognition.

[32:55] What is in the future for Dr. Donna and her team in 2024 and beyond

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