Pandemic babies are behind. Years of stress, isolation have affected their brain development-Dr. Housman in USA Today

June 9, 2022


In ideal scenarios, the adults are emotionally and physically available for the child at all times. They are responsive to their kid's needs, helping them regulate their emotions and understand the myriad stimuli they’re taking in...But for many parents, doing that became all but impossible once the pandemic hit..."  

A new and important article in USA Today looks at the immense impact the Covid-era has had on our little ones, and on the important adults in their world. We know that children born into and growing up through the past two-plus years are missing important skills and are experiencing challenging emotions but as Dr. Housman points out in this article children “develop within the context of relationships,” and therefore we need to be supporting families and educators with their emotional well-being so they can best model for and guide children in their emotional development. Read the Full USA Today Article


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