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$611 Million Plan Doesn't Do Enough For Our Youngest Children, Or Their Teachers

July 21, 2021

Time is not a renewable source, and we can’t recover the last 16 months. But going forward, we should invest in child care and early childhood education, not exclude it."

Dr. Housman's commentary on the importance of prioritizing early childhood education in federal and state relief budgets on WBUR's Cognoscenti stresses the need to focus dollars to:  keep child care centers open, prioritize social and emotional learning and well-being, and support teachers through comprehensive training and continuous professional development to foster emotional intelligence from the earliest years and help educators to understand and manage their own stress, anxiety and frustration for their own personal and professional growth and satisfaction.  Click below to read Dr. Housman's full commentary.

Read Dr. Housman's Cognoscenti Commentary for WBUR


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