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Making the Most of Storytime

Online E-Course that help parents and caregivers Learn How to Use Children’s Books to Teach Emotional Intelligence


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Reading is the Best Predictor for Education Achievement

"Increasingly, new research across many countries is showing that the best predictor of future education achievement and life success is reading ability - or, more significantly, being an engaged reader... Ross Finnie and Richard Mueller at the University of Ottawa have shown that "the largest determinant of university participation is the score on the reading portion of the PISA." Those reading scores proved to be by far the best predictor of post-secondary attendance, even pre-empting other socio-economic factors."


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How Making the Most of Storytime Helps Educators and Caregivers

Making the Most of Storytime: Using Children’s Books to Teach Emotional Intelligence is an eLearning course designed to support caregivers such as educators and administrators, parents and guardians, social workers, and health and mental health professionals in fostering the skills of emotional intelligence in children using storybooks. In this course, caregivers will learn about the building blocks of emotional intelligence and how to support children in developing emotional identification, understanding, expression, and regulation through the important conversations between adults and children about emotions, which is referred to as Causal Talk, or CT. Caregivers will also learn about the importance of storybooks as a tool for promoting the skills of emotional intelligence in children, and how to apply CT strategies to support these skills during storytime. Real storybook read-aloud scenario activities are included!

*IACET CEU is available for an additional fee

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Module 1: Getting to Know Emotional Intelligence

Before helping children understand their emotions, and be able to regulate, this course helps you learn more about emotions for yourself! Feel confident in helping to foster emotional intelligence in those around you with this important foundational module.

using storybooks to foster emotional intelligence

Module 2: Using Storybooks to Foster EI

Reading about characters that children relate to and resonate with presents the perfect teaching and learning opportunity. With your guidance, storybooks become a way for children to learn how to constructively express and manage their own emotions, solve problems, and feel understood.

making every storytime ecselent

Module 3: Making Every Storytime ECSELent

By engaging in storytime with children, you can guide children to identify characters’ emotions, understand what caused them, learn how to constructively express different emotions, and learn strategies for how to regulate that can be applied to their own lives, and lessons in problem-solving, compromise, negotiation, and perspective-taking that make them more empathetic individuals.

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Who Should Take It?

This course is beneficial to anyone who interacts with and reads with children such as caregivers, educators, speech-language pathologists, counselors, therapists, librarians, instructional coaches, tutors, reading specialists, and more!

What's Included?

videos break down concepts

Instructional Videos

Colorful, fun, and relevant videos will help break down the information in memorable ways, and illustrate how to apply the concepts in real situations!

four quadrants

Scaffolded Activities

Expertly crafted interactive activities break down the learning into digestible chunks, for easy learning of key information.

Printable PDF for Making the Most of Storytime

Takeaways and Resources

Download and print key takeaways from your learning, so you can reference them even without a computer.

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Hear From Our Customers

“I'm an English teacher, so I know how to support children in their literary development, and I know how important reading is to the lifelong success of kids. However, with my own kids, when I asked them what the characters learned, my own children were giving me unrelated information about the illustrations or said they didn't know. I knew I needed help!

I took the Making the Most of Storytime online course, which was so easy! I got through it in a couple of hours and got tips and techniques to help draw out important information while reading literature with young children. My 4 YO started to really understand what I was asking for and gave me relevant information. I also learned how to tie what happened in the stories they read to what was happening in their lives.”

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