Exclusive Webinar- Teacher-Student Interations: Co-regulation as the Path to Self-Regulation

by Housman Institute, March 7, 2023

Teacher Student Interactions Co-Regulation as the Path to Self Regulation

In this important and timely webinar, Dr. Donna Housman will discuss the role that early childhood educators play as key socializers in children’s development of self-regulation. 

💡Attendees Will Learn:

🔷 The foundational need for positive, responsive relationships in children’s earliest years

🔷 How children cannot learn when their feelings are unmanaged

🔷 What co-regulation is and how early childhood educators can support children in developing self-regulation from co-regulation

🔷 How co-regulation helps children take ownership of their ability to self-regulate 

🔷 How to use “meltdown moments” as learning and teaching opportunities for emotional intelligence 

🔷 The impact that self-regulation has on learning, behavior, and empathy

*This Webinar is an exclusive event, only for the attendees of FASA and AELC. 

Topics:Emotional IntelligenceEarly Childhood Educators