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Housman Institute at FASA and AELC

by Housman Institute, February 27, 2023


During the 2023 Florida Association of School Councils (FASA) Foundational Learning Conference: Leading for Foundation Learning (A Focus on Grades PreK-2nd) and Association of Early Learning Coalitions (AELC) Conference, Housman Institute presented on Communication: The Power of Connection and Student Well-being.

💡Attendees Learned:

🔷 Why it’s important to provide emotional, cognitive and social early learning to improve children’s social and emotional skills

🔷 How to promote the development of emotional competence and the lifelong capacity to learn

🔷 How to set children up for life to have enhanced well-being, mental health, positive relationships, and academic success

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Topics:Emotional IntelligenceEarly Childhood Educators