The Power of Emotional Intelligence from Birth to Age 8

by Housman Institute, July 13, 2021


Housman Institute and edWeb invite you to an important, timely webinar. 

As we enter our "new normal" we are facing a new pandemic: One of Mental Health.

As we emerge from this overwhelming year, are we equipped to handle the impact of this tumultuous time? We need to deal with the trauma that isolation, loneliness, depression, and anxiety have left us with. While we have to confront children’s learning loss, we cannot do that if we do not first focus on their emotional well-being and our own. We have a burgeoning new pandemic—mental health. How do we stem the tide? It starts with you!
Join Dr. Donna Housman as she discusses how we can use the power of emotional intelligence to support our youngest learners (ages zero to eight) and ourselves as we head into a new normal. In this empowering edWebinar, we will:

  • Discover how laying the foundation of emotional intelligence from the earliest years is key for every child’s well-being
  • Understand that the years from zero to eight provide an unparalleled opportunity
  • Learn why self-regulation matters
  • Look at the impact emotions have on learning, behavior and relationships
  • Realize the critical need for educators to understand and manage their own emotions first

More than ever, we need to harness the opportunity to help children in the earliest years build an emotional toolkit for lifelong learning, mental health, and success. This edWebinar will be of interest to educators, school psychologists, support staff, and anyone who works with children from birth to age eight and is interested in child development. There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation.

hosted by edWeb
Presented by Dr. Donna Housman,
CEO, Housman Institute

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