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Webinar Event-Even SuperHeroes Need Support-The Power of Emotional Intelligence for Early Childhood Educators, by Dr. Donna Housman

by Housman Institute, December 6, 2021

Join Dr. Housman and our friends at Early Childhood Investigations

Wednesday, January 26, 2002

2 pm eastern

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Early childhood educators have always been Superheroes, tasked with the single most important role, aside from parents, in a child’s early development and education. Your work is one of the most rewarding in education, one most of us cherish, but one that also brings great stress. There is a lot of pressure squarely on you. The impact that stress and anxiety have on educators and school directors and leaders takes a toll not only on your mental health and well-being but also on your ability to teach and our students’ ability to learn.

Long before this tumultuous time, early childhood educators were stretched to their limits, to the point of burnout. The experiences of the past two years have not only compounded the stressors in your lives but may have you considering leaving a profession you love. You need to have the tools of emotional intelligence so you can in fact be your best, grow personally and professionally and thrive in your role.

In this timely and empowering webinar Dr. Donna Housman and early childhood educator and trainer Emily Stone, discuss how imperative it is that we focus on emotional well-being in this moment and as a foundation for every early childhood learning environment. We will explore why this is so critical not only for your mental health and emotional well-being, but also for the children with whom you work.

Join Dr. Housman for this important webinar for every early childhood professional, including school and program directors and leaders to:

  • Learn how you must first have the tools to understand and manage your own emotions before you will be ready to guide and model for children in theirs..
  • Understand how unmanaged stress impacts our ability to think, engage with others and be our best.
  • Explore how the vital relationships and interactions you have with young children impact their emotional, social, and cognitive development.
  • Understand that young children’s ability to regulate their emotions starts with their relationship with their key socializers, and how developing self-regulation is directly connected to co-regulation.
  • Discover how the ability to understand and manage our own emotions and those of others allows us to problem solve, think critically, navigate difficult and heated situations, develop a positive sense of self and build empathy -all essential to understanding every child’s experience and emotional situation including trauma.
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