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Housman Institute is a Proud Partner with Ellis Early Learning to Place Emotional Intelligence at the Heart of Early Childhood Education

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Recognizing that emotional competence is foundational to learning, Ellis Early Learning is partnering with Housman Institute to implement the begin to ECSEL (Emotional, Cognitive, and Social Early Learning) Educator Training Program in the Ellis community. Ellis will be the Lab School for Housman Institute, where the efficacy of the program and its impact on emotional competence, self-regulation, and learning outcomes will be continuously reviewed and supported.


Peer-reviewed research demonstrates the efficacy of the begin to ECSEL program in promoting children’s mental health and learning by using everyday emotional situations to teach young children and caregivers appropriate strategies for managing feelings, behavior, and thinking.

Ongoing professional development will foster the skills of educators’ emotional intelligence, not just to support their own mental health, well-being, and job satisfaction, but so that educators can model, teach and foster these same skills in children.

“Effective social-emotional learning is critical to positive outcomes in early childhood and beyond,” said Lauren Cook, CEO of Ellis Early Learning. “We are excited to partner with Housman Institute to place emotional understanding and regulation at the center of our community. In doing so, we are laying the foundation of emotional intelligence so that optimal learning can occur.”

This partnership will serve as a model for the nation on what is optimal for providing a strong foundation for children’s mental health, well-being, and learning during the critical years of children’s brain development. Numerous reports show increased learning loss, developmental delays, and behavioral concerns.

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“It’s now more important than ever that we support and promote the skills of emotional intelligence with our youngest children, when their brains are most malleable, and educators as they face unprecedented stresses. Our youth are in the midst of a mental health crisis. By making social-emotional learning central to overall learning, we can improve educators’ and children’s mental health, as well as academic outcomes.”
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Dr. Donna Housman
Founder of Housman Institute

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