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7 Tips for Helping Children Manage Stress - Stress Awareness Day

November 2, 2022

BOSTON, Mass.–In recognition of National Stress Awareness Day on Nov. 2, Housman Institute is offering caregivers and educators 7 tips on how to help young children manage their stress, anxiety and constructively express and deal with emotions. 

“Young children need our help dealing with stress and anxiety by learning to manage their emotions and those of others. Children must first be able to regulate their emotions in order to be available to learn,” said Dr. Donna Housman, Founder of Housman Institute. “This Stress Awareness Day and every other day, I encourage parents and educators to consider how they can give children the emotional support they need to thrive.”

7 tips to help children manage their emotions:

  1. Maintain connection by lowering yourself to the child’s level when engaging with them, eye contact, hugs or a gentle pat on the back;
  2. Model consistency with a calm voice;
  3. Manage your own emotions before or while engaging children to help them manage theirs – take a few deep breaths;
  4. Encourage children to share their feelings by asking open-ended questions, such as “What are you feeling today?”;
  5. Use current emotional situations as opportunities to discuss the appropriate expression of emotions;
  6. Support children in naming and labeling their feelings; and
  7. Be available to talk and listen to children. Always respond sensitively, calmly, and in a focused manner.

Housman Institute is globally recognized for its early childhood educator training, professional development, curriculum, and research that fosters the development of emotional intelligence, self-regulation, and empathy in children starting from birth, and for the adults who teach and care for them.


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