New Storybook Helps Children Cope with Loss and Grief

September 20, 2022

BOSTON, Sept. 20, 2022 -- Dr. Donna Housman, founder of Housman Institute, announced the release of her debut children's book, "Gilly and the Garden," for children ages 4 through 7 and intended to help them cope with loss and death.

In "Gilly and the Garden," otter siblings Hemmy and Shemmy are so good at caring for their garden, they take on caring for something more. Yet even when they take the very best care of something they love, the unexpected happens. Through the story, children are able to learn, grow, and develop alongside Hemmy and Shemmy as they experience the ups and downs of responsibility, the peace that can come from learning how to manage a range of emotions, and the way joyful memories can help lessen the pain of loss and death.

The book, which is the first in the series "The ECSELent Adventures of Hemmy and Shemmy," was selected by the Children's Book Council as an anticipated bestseller. 

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