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ASK Dr. Donna-Bedtime Routines and Rituals for a Restful Night's Sleep for All

February 11, 2022

Dear Dr. Donna,
My son just turned 3 and he struggles to stay in his bed at night. Until he falls asleep, he will run into my room about every 20 minutes with his blanket in tow. I feel that he is just trying to spend time with me since I don't see him a lot during the day because I am working. So I want to provide him that comfort, but at the same time, I need to unwind and also sleep! What can I do to support my son's emotional need for time with me and also get the rest that I need?

~Parents Need Bedtime Too

The end of a day that has typically been filled with many challenging and exciting happenings can be accompanied by big emotions of fear and anxiety, and trouble winding down. What will tomorrow bring? Why can’t I stay with Mom and/or Dad tonight?


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