How to teach your child to behave, play well with others and overcome pandemic awkwardness-Dr. Housman in a new USA Today feature

June 15, 2022

It's important to remember that "children’s first language is emotion," said Housman. Especially when they’re young, before they acquire language, behavior may be one of the only ways they can express what they’re feeling. And a lot of what they’re feeling these days may be sad or scary or confusing."

In an important follow-up article journalist Alia Wong spoke with early childhood experts including Dr. Housman for USA Today's series spotlighting the impact the covid-era has had on young children and families. This timely and in-depth piece centers on ways to help young children, and their families as children navigate our new normal with few social-emotional skills to help them understand and manage all their emotions. 

The goal, Housman said, is to help children identify what they’re feeling and then express it in a constructive way. A child who can manage their emotions is better able to solve problems and thus feels much more in control of themselves – much more competent and confident.

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