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Introducing ASK Dr. Donna

December 13, 2021

As a clinical child psychologist and early childhood child development specialist, Dr. Donna Housman has spent more than 35 years studying the emotional world of children, training educators and parents, and helping children become the boss of all their emotions starting from birth.

Parents and educators are consistently turning to her as a source of information, guidance, and reassurance. We are so pleased to be opening the doors on Dr. Housman's new column to continue these important conversations. Now more than ever we could all use a sage advisor when it comes to our children's emotional well-being, and our own!

First Up-How to deal with the mounting worry and anxiety over sending kids to school amidst the all the news around the Covid variants.Join Dr. Housman as She Responds to Parent and Caregiver Questions, Concerns  and Worries

"We are raising the next generation at a time of extraordinary stress, anxiety, bullying, intolerance, and lack of empathy. Teachers and parents alike are struggling every day not only with the behavior, emotions, stress, dysregulation, and worries of the children they care for but also their own."

~ Dr. Donna Housman, Ed.D, Founder and CEO Housman Institute

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